Tom and Malinda opened "As You Like It" in May of 1985. The idea of owning an ice cream shop began in the summer of 1981 during a motorcycle ride on Tom's Kawasaki 750 when they stopped for ice cream in Haverstraw, NY.

Tom grew up in Bound Brook. In 1985 when a shop became available on the main street of Raritan Tom and Malinda took a leap of faith and opened "As You Like It" Ice Cream Shop.

Malinda has ice cream scooping history on her side of the family. Her maternal grandparents owned "Gromley's Store" in western Pennsylvania. Back in 1945 Malinda's mother scooped ice cream as a teenager after school. As a youngster Malinda's parents would bring out the ice cream churn and rock salt to make homemade ice cream!

Over the past 36 years we've watched children grow up, marry and have children of their own. Being part of the Raritan community has been our pleasure ... and just "How We Like It"!

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