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Cones & Cups

We have three kind of cones to choose from; wafer, sugar or tempting waffle cones dipped in our creamy Belgium chocolate. Choose from plain waffle, chocolate, chocolate with peanuts or chocolate with sprinkles. Just like our cones, our cups come in single, double or triple scoops


Choose your favorite ice cream and sundae topping*. As always our sundaes include whipped cream and a cherry at no additional charge! To tempt you even further add candy, nuts or fresh fruit toppings**

* Hot Fudge, Strawberry, Chocolate, Maple Walnuts, Pineapple, Marshmallow, Caramel, Butterscotch, Black Raspberry and Peanut Butter

** M&Ms, Heath Bar, Reese's Pieces, Butterfingers, Oreo's, gummi bears, walnuts, peanuts, mini peanut butter cups, chocolate cake crunch, granola, fresh banana slices and don't forget rainbow and chocolate sprinkles. Also chocolate and cherry cone dip!

Banana Split

Our banana splits are prepared as you like it! Choose your three favorite ice cream flavors between a split banana. Three toppings, whipped cream and cherries top it off.

Italian Ice

We have five flavors of italian ice. Our carry-all-the-time flavors are Lemon, Cherry and Blue Raspberry. And rounding out the 4th and 5th spots are two of the following; Mango, Chocolate, Bubble Gum, Watermelon, Orange, Banana, Strawberry or Rainbow.

Milk Shake

Made to order using any flavor of ice cream or nonfat soft-serve, fresh milk and your choice of syrup. Our shakes are 24 ounces and simply delicious!

Shake Float

Take one of our delicious milkshakes, add an extra scoop of ice cream on the top and you just made a good thing even better!

Ice Cream Soda

Choose your flavor of syrup from chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coffee or banana. Add fresh milk, seltzer, add a scoop of hard or soft ice cream or choose from any of our nonfat soft serve flavors. Add whipped cream & cherry. What could be better on a hot summer day?


Root Beer, Coke or Orange soda with a scoop of hard or soft ice cream. A real Raritan favorite!

Egg Cream

Your choice of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coffee or banana syrup, fresh milk and seltzer. Stirred ... not shaken! Kind of like a frothy "Yoohoo"! Very refreshing!


Our ice cream sandwiches and chipwiches are made right here at "As You Like It". Take home a 6-pack* of sandwiches today! We also carry nonfat ice cream sandwiches and Sponge Bob Pops

* We would be happy to customize your ice cream sandwiches with sprinkles, chocolate cake crunch or nuts with a minimum 24 hour notice. Additional charge applies. Call (908) 526-9010 for prices and to place your order.

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